The Best Online Platforms for Converting $100 Gift Cards to Naira

How Do Margins Work?

Margins are the difference between your offer price and the market price. It determines how much you stand to earn or lose in a trade.

What are margins?

Margins can set your offer price above or below the market price. They allow users to add a type of sellers’ or buyers’ “fee” when making a trade. 

How do margins relate to selling Gift Cards?

When selling gift cards, choosing the highest offer will get you more profit!

How do margins relate to Buying Gift Cards?

The price of the offer is set by you, so the margin is under your control.

How it works:

Step 1 :
You can start by creating an offer by clicking the Create an Offer button at the bottom of My page.
YormeHut Create offer
Step 2 :
After you decide to buy what and select a payment method, go to the trade pricing section.
Step 3 :
Fill in the buying limit and select the currency of the country where the purchase is to be made
Step 4 :
After you complete the above steps, that’s it! You’ve successfully finished making your Offer Margin. You can continue filling out the rest of your offer like you normally would.
YormeHut offer fill

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