Vendor Reminder Terms of Service

This Vendor Terms of Service is only meant to serve as a shortened reference for the vendor and does not in any way replace YormeHut’s Terms of Service.

Please bear in mind that you accept the following terms when you choose to trade on YormeHut.

  1. As a vendor, you accept all risk and liabilities for any fraud incurred during the sale of your digital assets.
  2. YormeHut has the right to not reimburse any funds lost due to fraud or payments made towards our escrow fee.
  3. Any and all tax payments are the responsibility of the vendor.
  4. To report an issue within a trade, please file a dispute and wait for a moderator to step in.
  5. YormeHut is not liable in cases where you release the digital asset before the payment is final.
  6. The following actions are not allowed on YormeHut and can result in your account being banned:
    1. The resale of gift cards
    2. Sharing of off escrow details within a trade
    3. Trading off escrow
    4. Unresponsiveness – vendors are expected to reply right away
    5. Abusive language
    6. Impersonating a moderator
    7. Creating duplicate accounts (without permission)
    8. Negotiation
    9. Intentional coin-locking
    10. Any other kind of fraudulent activity
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