The Best Online Platforms for Converting $100 Gift Cards to Naira

What Information Should I Provide During a Dispute?

Find out what evidence you should provide during a trade dispute, whether it’s via gift card, bank transfer, credit card, or other payment methods.

General tips:

The more information you provide during the dispute process, the easier our team will be able to process your dispute. We’ve put together a collection of best practices to help our team accurately process your disputes.

When uploading evidence:

  • Make sure the image is not cut off or cropped
  • Make sure the image is clear
  • Do not alter or change the image

What information should I provide?

Gift card disputes:
  • Image of the gift card with the YormeHut trade chat clearly in the background (please make sure that all four corners of the card are in the image)
  • Receipts to prove that you own the gift card
  • Video recording of checking the balance of a gift card before uploading it during the trade 
  • Evidence showing you own the gift card (history from the issuer’s website, etc.)
  • A full screen, un-cropped screenshot that shows both the code itself and the error message received when trying to redeem

For more information on gift card disputes, take a look at this article.

Bank transfer disputes:
  • A Screen Shot of your bank statement that shows the transaction
  • Video recording of transaction history (name must match the name on your YormeHut account, and please show the transaction history from the day before the trade up until today)
  • Audio recording from you and the financial institution confirming the transaction

Goods and services disputes:

  • Any evidence you have (selfie with the person you traded with, receipts, etc.)

Online wallet disputes:

  • Screenshot of the online wallet transaction that took place
  • Proof that the online wallet belongs to you (video recording of your online wallet account name matching the name on your YormeHut account)

Debit/credit card disputes:

  • Proof that your card was charged (video recording of your bank account name matching the name on your YormeHut account and 10 days of transaction history and please make sure the date is visible)
  • Audio recording of the conversation between you and your card provider confirming the transaction

Cash disputes:

  • Any evidence that you have that shows your cash withdrawal (bank statement, ATM receipt, etc.) 

Digital currency disputes:

  • The trade/hash ID of the transaction
  • Any additional screenshots that prove you completed the transaction

If you need any assistance from our Support team, do not hesitate to contact us. Check out this article on How to Contact Support.

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