The Best Online Platforms for Converting $100 Gift Cards to Naira

YormeHut Fees

YormeHut has zero fees when you buy or receive Reward. We also offer a competitive fee structure, so you get to keep more of your money.

Payment Group Sell Buy
Bank Transfer 1.5% no fee
Other Bank Transfer no fee
Credit/Debit Card no fee
Digital Currency no fee
Online Wallet no fee
Cash no fee
Goods and Services no fee
Gift cards no fee
  • When buying from another user on YormeHut, you are buying at a rate set by the sellers themselves. These rates vary based on numerous factors, such as your verification status, payment method, currency pair (such as USD, EUR, CNY), and order size.
  • This escrow fee will be deducted from your YormeHut wallet at the start of the transaction. Upon successful completion of the transaction, YormeHut receives the escrow fee. If the transaction does not complete, the balance will be released from escrow and returned to the seller – at no cost to YormeHut.
  • In addition to YormeHut’s escrow fee, certain self-service terminal transactions may require a fee.
Vendor Deposit Balance:
Payment Group Deposit Withdraw
WeChat No FEE No FEE
Bank Transfer NO FEE No FEE
Cryptocurrency Depending on the channel, there will be various fees Depending on the channel, there will be various fees

Note: These fees are subject to change.

If you need any assistance from our Support team, do not hesitate to contact us. Check out this article on How to Contact Support.

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