The Best Online Platforms for Converting $100 Gift Cards to Naira

Rewards Program FAQs

The YormeHut Rewards Program recognizes and awards users with extra benefits, giving them a badge and premium access to exclusive advantages on the marketplace. Here’s a breakdown of what makes up the YormeHut Rewards Program:

Sellers and Buyers Badge Rewards

1 “Early Access” badgeSilver Member-"Pioneer" badge Silver Member-“Pioneer” badge3 Gold Member-“Merchant VIP” badge
Users Registered During the First 3 Months Launch Can ActivateFirst 1,000 Users Reach Silver Membership ActivateFirst 500 Users Reach Gold Membership Activate
Ends At Aug 1stAdditional 0.05% OFF Per OrderAdditional 0.1% OFF Per Order
Memorial valueExtra Fee Reduction RewardsExtra Fee Reduction Rewards
Badge Name2 “Apprentice” badge4 “Enthusiast” badge5 “Specialist” badge6 Master” badge7 “Trader’s Choice” badge
Seller BenefitsReceive 0.1% Reward Amount Per Order.
0.06% Reward Per Order for Trading with Official Account
Receive 0.15% Reward Amount Per Order.
0.2% Reward Per Order for Trading with Official Account
Receive 0.2% Reward Amount Per Order.
0.25% Reward Per Order for Trading with Official Account
Receive 0.25% Reward Amount Per Order.
0.3% Reward Per Order for Trading with Official Account
Receive 0.3% Reward Amount Per Order.
0.35% Reward Per Order for Trading with Official Account
Buyer BenefitsN/A0.15% Fee Waiver Per Order0.2% Fee Waiver Per Order0.25% Fee Waiver Per Order0.3% Fee Waiver Per Order
Activation Requirements15+ successful trades per month100+ successful trades per month500+ successful trades & 80%+ Positive Rating Per Quarterly2000+ successful trades & 90%+ Positive Rating Per Quarterly5000+ successful trades & 95%+ Positive Rating Per Quarterly
  • Example 1: If you have the “Trader’s Choice” badge (0.3% fee reduction), “Merchant VIP” badge (0.1% fee reduction), and Gold Member privilege (0.15% fee reduction), you totally 3.75 RMB in fees on a 500 RMB transaction.


  • Example 2: If you have the “Trader’s Choice” badge, you can receive a 0.3% reward on orders as a seller, or a 0.35% reward if you trade with the platform. Depending on the currency chosen by the seller from three different regions, the reward will be automatically displayed in the wallet balance using the currency exchange rate of that region. For instance, if the seller chooses Nigerian Naira as the primary currency, the reward of 1.5 RMB will be exchanged to 150 Naira (based on the daily updated exchange rate). Similarly, if the seller chooses US dollars, the reward of 1.75 RMB will be exchanged to 0.270 USD (based on the daily updated exchange rate).
Note: In order to ensure the quality of transactions, we reserve the right to review all transactions, and transactions that violate platform rules will not be counted towards the referral program rewards.
To Avoid Fraudulent Account Abuse, You Must Pre-Deposit ¥100 to Get 2 Trial Purchases Services
Using digital currency pre-deposit will incur a fee

If you need any assistance from our Support team, do not hesitate to contact us. Check out this article on How to Contact Support.

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